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Import Instructions

Note: Once your file has been uploaded (assuming there are no issues), there will be a delay of 24 business hours before the listings will be on the live site. This is to allow our team to do our standard listings review and verification. 

Step 1 - preparing your file for upload

  1. The GSA Bulk Upload accepts CSV files only.
  2. The CSV files should be no larger than 50 items – always break larger inventory exports into smaller files before you do the upload to avoid time-out upload errors. 
  3. Before you upload a file, make sure that the fields in your file "exactly" match the fields in the example/template provided. Click the link above to download the example file
  4. Any “extra” fields in your file will not be uploaded.
  5. These fields that are the only “required” fields:
    1. Title (do not include the brand name in the title)
    2. Description (put your entire description within double quotes - "description")
    3. Warranty (yes or no)
    4. Condition (B-Stock, New, Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor)
    5. Price
    6. Quantity Available
    7. Images can be uploaded with the CSV if you have URL locations, for example, a Google Drive or Dropbox URL or from your own database, otherwise, you will have to upload the images to the listings in your Account Center after the upload is complete.
  6. The remaining fields in the CSV Template are not required but can be included, if you have the data available.

Step 2 - Shipping Address

  1. Click one of the following Bulk Upload Links, based on your current location:
    1. - North/South America Bulk Listings Upload
    2. - Europe  
    3. - Asia 
  2. Select the “shipping” address from the drop down menu - this is the address that all the gear from your list will be shipping from.
  3. If the shipping address is not in the drop down, you will need to add that address to your Address Book in your Account Center.
  4. One shipping address can be selected per CSV file.  If your gear is shipping from different addresses, you will need to create separate CSV files for each address.

Step 3 - Uploading your file

  1. Click the Browse button and select your file
  2. Click Import (Upload) - the file will upload quickly

Step 4 - Return Verification File

  1. When your upload is complete, a "Return Verification File" is provided that shows if any errors occurred
  2. Download the Return CSV Verification File
  3. The Verification file will have 2 additional columns at the end of each row:
    1. will indicate any errors that were encountered during the upload - you can re-upload those items once you have corrected the errors;
    2. will indicate the Listing ID numbers for each new listing it created  - we highly recommend you use this file for future updates, especially if you are updating existing listings because the system will look for the Listing ID #.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a listings specialist:

North America -

Europe - 

Asia -