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GearSource Integrated Gear Solutions

G-Suite®bet356体育 is a fully integrated, business solution providing a listing App, order and payment processing, a shipping component, and an API to connect to any external accounting system. Additional componants are in development for user/role management, listing/inventory management, a complete CRM, content management, full financial reporting, site analytics, Internationalization (other languages)... and more.

G-Suite® is designed for portability and works on any platform, tablet or smartphone.  G-Suite® is also designed to communicate with the other system Admin areas, as well as Customer and Vendor Account Centers, in real-time.

Orders are in constant transition as they are being worked by sales and operations people... it's important for Customers and Vendors to have access to the latest information simply by logging in to their own Account Center. G-Suite® handles this seamlessly and immediately! As orders move through the status processes, not only does it update the Customer and Vendor Account Centers, but it triggers appropriate notifications to all parties involved, including sales staff, of where the order is at or if additional information is needed. It's intuitive, progressive and incredibly simple to use. 

G-Suite® is multi-site capable, meaning additional sites can be added easily and quickly, allowing for business growth and globalization. For example, GearSource Asia, a recently added GearSource® licensee, was up and fully operational with G-Suite® in under 3 weeks. There is built-in flexibility that allows licensees to add components as needed. Add-ons are incorporated into their system without any downtime or impact on live components.

G-Suite®bet356体育 - a fully Integrated gear solution designed and built by GearSource®