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Browsing Questions

What is the best way to find what I am looking for?

On®,, and (hereinafter referred to as "the GearSource® Sites") we offer both search and browse based shopping experiences. Search is when you type an item name in a search field, click enter and then wade through the results. Browsing is done by clicking a category, then a sub-category and continually drilling down until you locate an item. You can also shop by Brand and shop by Location simply by modifying the filters. 

In 'stock item' view, once you find the item you are looking for, all new and used listings are assembled below stock item, on one web page to speed the shopping process up for you. 'Listings' view shows every item for sale individually but they are not grouped like 'stock item' view.

By registering, what am I getting myself into?

bet356体育First, the GearSource® Sites feature a Basic Registration, where you provide your name, e-mail address, phone number, a location (to help us direct a sales rep to you) and a password, which is all that's required to receive our Daily Listings Blast, check out the NeedZone, and submit inquiries to our team of experts.

bet356体育To add listings to the GearSource® sites or to make purchases, you will need to provide additional information to your account profile, such as, a "street" address for shipping purposes as well as a billing address.

bet356体育We send out a Daily Listings Blast each weekday morning. This email has become a staple of the production industry and has been said to be "as important to my morning, as my first cup of coffee". This email includes new listings added or edited in the past 24 hours plus any new Need Zone listings and News items.

GearSource® Sites will ALWAYS protect your privacy, and therefore, will not sell, rent or otherwise distribute your information. Our sites are protected by SSL, fully encrypted technology. 

bet356体育As part of this privacy measure, we have increased our security measures on registrations. As a final step in the registration process, you will be required to enter the Captcha code (wonky-looking characters or numbers in a box) and to confirm your registration by clicking the link in the confirmation e-mail we send to the email address you registered with.

The Captcha code and confirmation process, although kind of annoying, is "100%" for security purposes - to keep the bad guys out! If you were unable to complete the last step, your registration will not be activated. If for some reason you did not receive the confirmation email, please contact our team at

You can review our full Privacy Policy by clicking here .

I got a Login Failure how do I reset my password?

Assuming that you’ve already registered on one of the GearSource® Sites... if you get an Error stating that the Email or Password doesn’t match our records, click "Click here to sign in as different user", then click "I forgot my password!bet356体育” and enter the email address you used to register on the Sites - click Submit. You will receive an email with instructions on resetting your password.

What is 'Give Feedback'?

bet356体育The Give Feedback link can be found under the lower navigation heading "The Source" on every page of the GearSource® Sites. The feedback system was added to provide our users with the opportunity to submit their feedback (good or bad) and help us facilitate a better e-commerce experience for our Buyers and Sellers on the GearSource® Sites. The feedback is confidential and the reports are only distributed to key GearSource® personnel to respond to when appropriate.

Automated Emails 

GearSource® Sites have a built-in automated email system to notify both buyers and sellers when their is activity either on their listings or on an order. During the Order process, there are two emails that go to the seller and two that go to the buyer that require approval of the Order Details before the order can proceed further. During the Order process - both require approval before the order can proceed. The order process emails are resent every 24 hours. 

bet356体育We appreciate that these automated emails may seem like a nuisance to you, however, they are a critical part of the order process and are for your protection. If the automated email requests are responded to immediately, they automatically move the order process to the next step and that email will stop. For a full explanation of the process, contact Customer Service anytime.   

Return Policy

bet356体育GearSource® requires a 48 hour warranty on all items listed. In most cases, returns may be accepted as long as the Return Authorization has been requested from GearSource Customer Service within the 48 hour of delivery window. Buyers are provided with 48 hours to inspect items they have purchased and to confirm they are in the condition described in the listing. If you see damage to packing upon delivery, please make sure you not it on the delivery slip before you sign it and make sure you keep a copy. Also, please take pictures of all damaged packing and equipement.

bet356体育If a return is approved by GearSource Customer Service and the Seller of record, the item must be shipped back to the address it was shipped from, in its original condition and in its original packaging.

Who is responsible for the return cost?

It is important to note, GearSource is not responsible for covering any costs related to returns... the Buyer must cover the costs of return. In "some" situations, the Seller may agree to cover the cost of shipping out a replacement, however, the Buyer is still responsible for returning the original item. In most cases a refunds will take 30-45 days. Refunds are not issued until the item has been received by the Seller and inspected. In addition, in some cases, refunds will be delayed pending a damage claim with a carrier.

Additional proof will be required before GearSource will approve a return: 1) the request must be for a valid reason - incorrect item, damage to the item, the item is not working as described; 2) a detailed description of the reason for return has been provided; 3) clear pictures and/or videos of damaged or non-working item have been submitted in a timely manner; and, 4) provide proof that any visible damage was properly reported to the carrier at time of delivery. 

If you have questions about the return policy, please contact the Customer Service department in the US at 866-669-GEAR. For details concerning our complete return policy, please see our Buyer Terms in the User Agreement by clicking here

Does GearSource have a Claim Dispute Process? 

Yes, GearSource now offers our Buyers and Sellers access to our Conflict Resolution team (CR Team). The role of the team, who is made up of a very select group of people from GearSource, including the company's CEO, is to resolve conflicts between Buyers and Sellers that could not be resolved through our normal claim process. The CR Team meets as needed to review CF Files as soon as opened, with the goal being to resolve these conflicts quickly and justly.

Should you wish to submit a conflict to the CR Team, simply send a detailed email to and a CR File will be activated. You will be asked to provide specific details, pictures and or/videos, etc. and will receive further communication from the team as needed. Any decisions made by the CR Team are final. 

Marketplace Facilitator legislation

What is this?

  • bet356体育The Marketplace Facilitator legislation is a set of laws that shifts the sales tax collection and remittance obligations from a third party seller to the Marketplace Facilitator. As the Marketplace Facilitator, GearSource will now be responsible to calculate, collect, and remit tax on sales sold by third party sellers for transactions destined to states where Marketplace Facilitator and/or Marketplace collection legislation is enacted.

  • bet356体育In states where Marketplace Facilitator legislation applies, sales tax is still collected from consumers, however, it becomes the responsibility of the marketplace (in this case, GearSource) rather than the seller.

  • In these states (with very few exceptions), GearSource collects and remits sales tax to the State on the seller’s behalf. Whilst this might seem great on the surface, it increases the risk of being audited by the State, and doesn’t really do much to help most sellers.

What exactly is a Marketplace Facilitator?

  • bet356体育GearSource, Amazon, ebay are all Marketplace Facilitators… basically, any online business that contracts with third parties to sell goods and facilitate sales. The Facilitator (that’s us) enables these sales by providing the online platform for listing of products, placing orders, taking payments, providing customer service, accepting or assisting with returns and shipping.

Why is that?

  • bet356体育GearSource will only be responsible for remitting sales tax on business conducted through its platform from the date when it became a requirement. If you have sales on other platforms, or past exposure from unpaid sales tax on GearSource, this is NOT the responsibility of GearSource. 

  • bet356体育Due to the fact that GearSource will begin handing information over to the states (in the form of marketplace facilitator tax returns), state tax collection departments now have much more knowledge of who is paying tax and can much more easily pursue sellers that haven’t registered.

  • The collective, annual sales in the state surpass the sales tax registration threshold of that state - the common threshold is $100,000 in annual sales OR 200 separate sale transactions.

As of today, here are states that have implemented Marketplace Facilitator Tax law. By the end of 2020 all states will have to comply, as will all businesses.

Marketplace Facilitator Tax states

What does this means for Buyers?

  • All buyers are technically subject to this tax. The buyer who qualifies as tax-exempt, or if the item being purchased is tax-exempt in their state, will need to submit a resale-certificate. GearSource has the legal responsibility to ensure taxes are collected (or not collected) correctly. 

  • Note: GearSource is in the process of updating our billing system to handle the Facilitator tax, therefore we are not yet collecting the taxes, other than for a few larger sellers who have exposure in certain states and have already enacted the tax in their system. The update will be completed by end of Q2 at which time we will be required to collect the tax. 


Do I have to pay in advance?

bet356体育Yes and no.

Yes - all orders placed through GearSource® must be prepaid but not until we've confirmed the availability and shipping details.

No - when you initially place the order, you are not required to pay. This method allows our system to work perfectly for both buyers and sellers and keeps our prices down. Because we accept credit cards, ACH and Wire Transfers, we are probably the most flexible company in our business. Your payment is held secure until you're happy with your purchase and the seller has completed their obligation.

As a Seller, am I paid in advance?

No, we do not pay Sellers in advance. As a marketplace, we protect both our buyers and sellers. We wait until the buyer receives an item before we release payment to sellers. To request a one-time alteration to these terms, you will have to contact US Accounting, Europe Accounting, Asia Accounting prior to listing your items on the sites and you will be asked to provide additional credit information. 

Can I pay by credit card, and feel secure?

bet356体育Yes... however, due to a significant increase in credit card chargebacks and fraudulent transactions, GearSource has capped the amount accepted by credit card payment at $5000, without further credit approval. We highly recommend our buyers take advantage of the 3% cash discount they can receive when paying by wire transfer or ACH. We will still accept checks for special circumstances however, the discount does not apply. Additional safe and secure methods will be added as they come available.

On GearSource® sites, your payment is processed using a very secure SSL Encrypted online payment gateway. In addition, GearSource sites are fully compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) - we are required to prove this on a yearly basis. The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes "requirements" for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help® proactively protect our customers' account data.

How do I send a wire transfer?

When you login to pay, you will be given this option. GearSource wire Instructions are provided for you, at which time you would log-in to your online banking service or go to your bank with the information and set-up the wire. You will be given a wire confirmation which, once we receive, will allow us to move your order forward. 

For all larger transactions, a wire transfer or ACH is the required form of payment and typically only takes a few hours domestically and 48 hours internationally for us to receive the funds. Again, you save yourself 3% by paying using this method. If you have any questions or require our wire information, please contact US Accounting, Europe Accounting, Asia Accounting.

Do the GearSource® sites accept foreign country credit cards?

The best answer to this question is "mostly"... unfortunately, due to a significant increase in credit card fraud world-wide, we have restricted "some" countries. It is best to check with GearSource Accounting for clarification – US Accounting, Europe Accounting, Asia Accounting

bet356体育As an option, all customers are encouraged to send payment via wire transfer with minimal cost to you.

GearSource is not responsible for any fees or added costs related to your payment method. 



How do I post a listing?

Assuming you have already registered on the GearSource® sites and are logged in... here’s how it works:

Step 1 - Select the Stock item your item is related to - you can enter a word such as Mac 2000 and a drop down will appear with options for you to select. Click the one you select and click submit

bet356体育Step 2 - Shipping information

Select your Shipping Address from Choose Address or Add a new address. 

Step 3 - Item name

bet356体育Enter the name of your item. For example, if you are selling a Martin MAC2000, enter Martin Mac or simply MAC2000.

As you enter the name, our system is searching for the closest match in our Stock Item Database.

A drop-down will appear below the text box and you simply have to click on the item that matches yours.

Step 4 - Listing details

bet356体育Provide the actual listing information.

1. Condition - be brutally honest - like new does not mean new and a beat up touring fixture is not Very Good. Entering an unrealistic Condition may get your unit returned back to you, at your expense.

bet356体育2. Warranty - if you have warranty remaining, please click this box. Note: All GearSource® listings must provide a minimum 48 hour warranty from time of delivery to allow buyers to inspect items for deficiencies.

3. Quantity - enter the total # you have available. If you are selling a package of 8 at a "total" cost of $1000 then the Quantity is 1, not 8. However, if you are selling 8 at an individual cost of $200, the Quantity is 8.  

Note bet356体育 : if you sell any of the items after your listings are posted, it is VERY important to remember to update your listings accordingly.

4. Description (DO NOT USE THE MANUFACTURER DESCRIPTION) - provide an accurate description of "your" item, for example: the age, number of hours, type of use (touring, rentals, installs, etc), serial numbers, who and what types of companies have owned it, what additional items are included, what if any warranty is still available, etc. Again, honesty is key. If you say something is black, and it arrives purple, it will likely be returned to you. The buyer is making a purchasing decision based on what they see in your listing. If the item is misrepresented, the buyer has the right to refuse the item and it will be returned at the vendor's expense for full refund.

bet356体育5. Key words & Abstract Description. Keywords are important and can increase the ranking of the listing page with search engines. The Description provides a concise explanation of the listing's content.

6. Price - all of the pricing is calculated off the Lowest Selling Price. The Lowest Selling Price is only available to registered dealers with®. All other customers will see the Standard Price. The Bottom Line price is what you receive when the item is sold and delivered. 

bet356体育6. Case & Voltage - self-explanatory

7. Images (DO NOT USE MANUFACTURER IMAGES) - it is VERY important you provide REAL pictures of your item(s). The buyer is making a purchase decision based on what they see in your listing. If the item is misrepresented, the buyer has the right to refuse the item and it will be returned at the vendor's expense for full refund. Also, the better your images, the higher the likelihood we will get it sold. Provide up to 5 images. The only accepted formats are JPG, GIF or PNG. Designate the image you want as your primary image by changing the Display Order.  The other 4 images will be displayed as thumbnails below the listing.

Step 5 - Save, preview, confirm

bet356体育The final page is a Preview of your listing. If you want to change anything, click the "Back" button at the bottom of the page and make any changes you wish to make - click "Save".

If everything is ok, click "Confirm" and your listing will be submitted to our Listings Approval Queue for one of our Listings Specialists to check the validity, Images, etc. and approve the listing before it will go live. During business hours this will happen within an hour - if done after hours or on the weekend, it will be done the next business day. During this approval process, you will NOT have access to the listing, nor will it display on the site.

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail advising you it has been approved and the listing will display in the appropriate category on the GearSource® sites. You will also have access to the listing in your GearSource® Account Center for editing the descriptions, adding pictures, changing quantities or prices, etc.

Alternatively, download the G-Suite Listing App from Apple or Google Play and add/manage your listings quickly and easliy from the smartphone app. Click here to download the App. 

Note: each time you make a change, your listing will be resubmitted to our Listings Approval Queue and the change won't take effect until it has been approved, which usually takes 2-4 "business" hours.

Is there a cost for me to list my gear?

No. Listings on the GearSource® sites are completely FREE! In the listing process, you will establish the selling price, which will include a commission for the sale of your item. We receive our fee when the listing sells. Not only do we not charge for listings, we also spend a lot of time and effort marketing your item for free!

Is there a limit to the number of listings I can place?

No, absolutely not. We want to become your inventory partner and are here to help you anytime you have items to move. You can upload your entire inventory and then "manage" the items using our online tools! For larger inventories, we recommend you sign up for the GearSource® Inventory Management API. What this does is tie your existing inventory system to your GearSource® listings profile, allowing you push items to GearSource® by simply toggling an item in your system. It keeps your listings up-to-date and you can easily take them off when items are out on rental or no longer available.

If you would like more information on how GearSource® can help you manage your inventory here are the contacts: 

What is the difference between an item listing and a stock item?

bet356体育Our listings system is based on the backbone GearSource® "Stock Item Database". It includes every piece of gear that anyone might offer for sale. Vendors add their Item Listings under that Stock item. So when you visit a stock item, you may see numerous listings within that Stock item with price ranges, conditions, etc... making for a very unique and simple shopping experience.

What is a NeedZone Listing?

The NeedZone is a special area on® created specifically for items that you may be looking for but do not currently see available on the site. You can post a listing, similar to a "want ad" and wait for our sellers to respond with items that may match your need. We also regularly push these requests out to social media and through our bi-weekly blast to our whole list of users.

bet356体育As a seller, if you're browsing the NeedZone and see a post for something you have sitting in your inventory, you have 3 options:

  1. Call us - 866-669-GEAR  
  2. Email us -
  3. Click on that post and suggest your listing (if it's already posted for sale on the GearSource sites) or add your new listing. This will send an automated response to the person who placed the NeedZone Listing on our site and they can go ahead and place an order.


What are my obligations as a seller/vendor to GearSource®?

Below is a shortened version of your obligation as a seller. It is not meant to replace our User Agreement , which is the legal document you sign before listing an item. Please review our complete User Agreement for all the details.

1. You must own the equipment you are listing, free of any liens.
2. You must warrant the condition on the equipment you are listing by selecting the appropriate condition and write a good item description.
3. Even if you select the "No Warranty" button on a listing, the buyer still has a 48 business-hour inspection period on the piece of equipment you sold.
4. It's your obligation as a seller to resolve any issues the customer may have regarding functionality of the gear (unless otherwise noted). You are also responsible for the freight cost of resolving any issues.
5. Pack your items for shipment well! Common sense applies here but it's your responsibility to pack your equipment as if it's going across the country or overseas because often times it is. Palletizing is always recommended as the safest way to ensure the least amount of potential freight damage.
6. If you are selling large ticket items, photograph the items and the pallet before they leave your warehouse. Any large item packed in road-cases with wheels must be palletized to avoid freight damage.
7. Freight claims are rare but they do happen. All your items ship fully insured but we are at the mercy of the freight companies. Freight companies typically pay only a small percentage of freight damage claims if the items where not palletized or properly packaged. GearSource does not assume any financial obligation for freight claims but will work with you to get any issues resolved.
8. Once your item is received and inspected by the customer, GearSource® will prepare the amount indicated on the Order Confirmation for payment.

Fully manage your own listings

Manage all listings, pricing, availability, etc. in your personalized "My Account" area or from the G-Suite@ App on your smart device.

Full-Service Selling

bet356体育GearSource® is a ‘Full Service’ company and will help with everything from pricing to pickup arrangements and documentation. Just ask our Operations team for assistance. 

Better exposure for your gear

GearSource® has Global reach with staff in North American, Europe, and Asia, with expertise in the Middle East and South America. Additionally, we send the industry’s only Daily Listings Update, exposing your latest gear to the biggest buyers.

Expanded Selling

Sell almost anything related to professional sound, lighting, video, staging plus a few others! One site does it all!

Haggle Free

GearSource® won’t ask you to dramatically lower your prices.... unless we "really" think you should! If your item is seriously over-priced compared to the market for that item, we will make suggestions you because we don't want you to be disappointed when your listing doesn't get any bites because it's over-priced. 



Full Service Purchasing

bet356体育GearSource® is a ‘Full Service’ company - we handle shipping, document preparation, online payment and more.

Payment Management

GearSource® utilizes a superior payment collection process to eliminate the potential fraud found in other ‘marketplaces’.

Knowledgeable Sales People

 ‘GearSource® Knows Gear’ - industry experts from the UK to New York to Singapore are available to help answer your questions.

Complete selection of production gear products

GearSource® carries everything you need for lighting & video, pro audio, rigging, trussing, staging, parts.

What is the order process for GearSource® customers?

Below is a shortened version of your obligation as a buyer, it is not meant to replace our User Agreement , which is the legal agreement you accept when you register. Please review our complete User Agreement for the details.

1. We pride ourselves on processing your order as quickly as possible. When you place an order on® this indicates your intent to buy. While you are under no obligation to pay for an item once you've added it to the cart, we'd prefer you call a salesperson at GearSource® if you are just "kicking tires". We'd be happy to help you with whatever information you are looking for - 866-669-GEAR or email

2. Once you have submitted an order, it may take up to 72 hours to verify that the equipment is available and to calculate freight on an order. Since GearSource® sell's items as small as a microphone or as large as a semi truck, it's impossible to provide a freight calculation at checkout. If you have questions call us - 866-669-GEAR.

3. Payment in full is required to complate the order process and ship the order. 

4. We accept the following forms of payment, although some restrictions do apply: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Paypal, Wire transfer, ACH and (with pre-authorization) Checks. If you are a new customer and are purchasing a large ticket item, GearSource® will require you to provide additional information to verify your identity.

bet356体育 5. When you receive your order, you have 48 business hours to inspect the item and report any issues. Remember you are buying pre-owned gear so inspect it carefully for damage and check that it works according to the description.

In the case of a dispute, GearSource will contact the seller directly to help broker the fastest possible resolution. If an agreement can't be made between you and the seller, we will engage our Conflict Resolution Team to mediate the situation and come to a reasonable solution.

If you are unhappy with your purchase in any way, please fill out  and our Customer Service Team will get back to you within 48 hours. Provide proper documentation of the issues (photos, videos) to speed up the resolution process. Please review the Return Policy in the Buyer Terms section of the User Agreement

GearSource® is not responsible for any costs or expenses incurred due to delays, damage or seller misrepresentation.  

Credit Card Fees

bet356体育Prices displayed on GearSource® reflect the discounted "cash only" price. Credit card users may be subject to a slightly higher price. 

Secure Shipping

We insure all shipments. GearSource® is not responsible for costs or expenses incurred due to delays, damage.

Looking to Buy Section

If you can't find something on the site or it is currently out of stock, you can post any item into our NeedZone (wanted items) and within days, get results!

Superior Shopping Experience

We have superior website features including; listing and stock item views, numerous sorting filters, shop by brand.


As a Seller, am I paid in advance?

No, GearSource® does not pay Sellers in advance. GearSource® is a marketplace, similar to Amazon, and we protect our buyers and sellers. GearSource® waits until the buyer receives and inspects an item before we release their payment to you. To request a one-time, special alteration to these terms, please contact US Accounting, Europe Accounting, Asia Accounting.


I have received an order inquiry, but it's asking me for Dimensions and Weight. What for?

GearSource® typically handles all of the shipping calculations and arrangements... therefore, we require accurate dimensions and weights on all of the items being shipped. In most cases, we recommend gear be shipped on pallets. As the seller, if you wish to include shipping as part of the sale price of your gear, please advise our listings team of the price adjustment.

GearSource® provides the listing form for you to include this information when you enter the listing into our system. Otherwise, you will receive an email every time there is an order on one of your listings, asking you to confirm these details. This "automated" email will continue to be sent every 24 hours until the information is provided. 

Thank you and please let us know anytime you have additional questions that we didn't answer here. 


Have a Question?  to the GearSource® team.