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GearSource Automated Inventory Disposal (A.I.D.) 

A.I.D. is an offer generator system that can be manually activated or will automatically be activated on listings that are 60 days or older. 

Any listing that reaches the 60-day point with no modifications (have not had a price change, quantity change or an order) will automatically be activated and show the Make an Offer icon.

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How the offer process works:

  • when listings meet the A.I.D. criteria, the Make an Offer button will appear on the selected listings;
  • The Buyer can submit an offer by clicking the "Make an offer" button on a listing;
  • Buyer must be a registered user of, or;
  • Buyer will be required to provide the offer dollar amount and how many items wanted;
  • Buyer will select from the drop down options or will need to add both a shipping and a billing address;
  • Buyer will be required to provide a valid credit card to submit an offer - no charges will be placed on the card at this time;
  • The offer is sent by email to the Seller who will have 48 hours to respond - no verbal offers are permitted;
  • Seller must select one of the following options: Accept, Reject, Counter-offer or Not Available;
  • If the Seller Accepts the offer, an order is immediately generated and an email is sent to;
  • If the Seller Rejects the offer, it is simply closed;
  • If the Seller Counter-offers, the counter-offer is sent to Buyer by email and Buyer will need to log-in to accept it or reject it;
  • If Buyer Accepts the Counter-offer, an order is automatically created;
  • If Buyer Rejects it, the offer is closed;
  • If the Seller selects Not Available then the item will automatically be taken offline, Buyer will be notified that the item is no longer available and the offer is closed.
  • All offer values are in US dollars.

ALL of this takes place electronically - again, no verbal offers are permitted.

Tracking Account Center shows all offers, whether you are the Buyer or Seller on the offer. Go to your Account Centerbet356体育 and look under Buyer Tools or Seller Tools to view offers.

Sellers can also view their Listings to see which have been activated for Make an Offer. A Seller can activate or deactivate any of their listings at any time.

bet356体育If you have questions about this or any other aspect of our system, contact the GearSource sales team.

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